Devon South West Cameraman Channel 4 News

Following the terrible news of a murder can be horrible, but part of a cameraman’s job!
Channel Four News which is provided by ITN contacted me to follow up the hero Ingred  Loyau-Kennett who lives in Helson Cornwall, follwing the murder of the Woolwich soldier.

It was a quick jump in the van and off to Cornwall to find out what her neighbours thought of this brave woman who stepped in and talked to the Murders, some called her brave and a hero and other people had a different view of her…
I was armed with a small amount of information and was sent to get some SOPs (series of Pictures) and Vox pops and sound bites from people that lived near her and worked with her…

The footage was then encoded at The Cornwall channels HQ in St Austell and uploaded via FTP to ITN’s main news server, ready for the News at 7pm on Channel Four.

More news about the story can be found here

celebrity wedding planner channel five

Celebrity Wedding Planner

Once again I was contracted to film Celebrity Wedding Planner for Channel Five, This time with two MTV reality stars, the Wedding was taking place around Stroud, Bristol and Bath! Brides-to-be hand over the organisation of their wedding to a surprise celebrity. This was filmed on Canon XF305 and sound was supplied by my regular sound man Dudley Houlden (find out about Dudley here) 

The show is produced by Renegade Pictures

Newsspotter Service

Cost-effective Satellite News and Data Gathering Service via KA-SAT

Satellite news and data gathering across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin has been made simple and cost-effective using NewsSpotter, the Ka-band News Gathering and Data service offered via Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite.

Using the compact, lightweight equipment, one person can start transmitting and receiving real-time, high-quality video, images and data from any location, in just a couple of minutes.

Ideal for occasional or permanent use, NewsSpotter delivers seamless integration into IP networks using state-of-the-art satellite technology, removing the need for any infrastructure. Bandwidth is reserved online using the self-booking application, which is perfect for occasional, last minute use, or for guaranteeing reservations for dedicated use.
I am Happy to announce that I have a system from TooWay.

NewsSpotter, an integrated contribution service for satellite news gathering using lightweight kit

Don’t Tell The Bride BBC3

Series in which the groom must choose every detail of his wedding, from venue to cake to wedding dress.

I have filmed various episodes from the last three series of BBC3’s Popular series Don’t Tell The Bride..
This was filmed at numerous locations across the UK on Sony’s DSR570 DVCam Cameras, along with my trusty sound-man Dudley.

Stoke Canon flooding ITN News

It was the day before Christmas (yeah the 24th December 2012) and I would say all was quite…. but it wasn’t….
Time for me to get into the van and film some news, this time I was off to Taunton to film some travel chaos!

Then back down to Stoke Cannon collecting shoot as I travelled where I uploaded the rushes to the news room via the sat truck.

Uploading to the news room on the sat truck

Uploading to the news room on the sat truck

Train services throughout the region had been severely disrupted with services between Plymouth, Exeter St Davids and Taunton suspended.

Network Rail said one of two plastic dams set up to protect the railway line at Exeter to minimise flood damage is itself now under water.

The bent tracks in Exeter near Stoke Cannon Devon

The bent tracks in Exeter near Stoke Cannon Devon

Floods Devon Channel 4 and ITN News

Over the Christmas period the UK had bad weather which resulted in flooding some of the worse effected areas was Devon and Cornwall,
I had an early morning  call from the news desk at ITN, (who makes the news programmes for Channel 4 and ITV) on Saturday 19th December 2012, I quickly jumped in to the van and I was off….

At this time it was early and the stories had just broken… so it was a bit hit and miss to where I would be going to to film, after several calls to the news desk the worse effected areas seemed to be in Cornwall and I was doing a bit of research my self and with the use of a few contacts, Facebook and Twitter I found out that Braunton in North Devon was quite bad, but not as bad as I found when I arrived as the first news crew on site…. my research had paid off.

I was able to get a few interviews with some visitors who had been traveling all night to get to their relations for the festivities… also contacts where made for interviews later on for residents who had been stranded or washed out…

I was able to hitch a ride with a volunteer who was using his own pick up van to move sandbags to some of the worse effected houses and businesses

The footage and interviews that I filmed was used on 19th Dec 2012 for channel 4 News and ITV News (national and local)

Braunton Floods 19th December 2012

In Braunton the clean-up operation has started after about 30 homes and 20 businesses were flooded on Saturday by more than a metre of water.


London filming Osbourne Clarke

Osbourne Clarke was the venue for todays filming, a small meeting room can alway come with problems, air con noises, people walking past and loud meetings next door to name a few, with this in mind and a room just big enough to swing a cat in, the lighting had to be matched to the outside colour temp on the London Skyline.
I placed a keno flow and a hand held LED lamp in the set up to keep the tempature of the room as cool as possible. I also used a lead mic for the contrubutor and a 416 just as back up, all filmed in lovely HD on the Canon XF305.


The Polar Express UK

I was happy to commissioned to produce a promotional film for the launch of The Polar Express in the UK, whats more impressive (for me) is that it’s in my home town Okehampton,
I worked with Cube Creative (ad agency) to film and direct the cast and crew of the 60 plus performance, on the dress rehearsal day (Sunday 18th November 2012) I was lucky able to use some cast for some specially produced pieces to camera written directed by me, the following day I was able to film and get the reactions of families and the children on this magical experience… Filmed in HD on Canon XF305 and edited the following day at OTP’s HQ.

The finished film can be seen here…

Serzea TV Commercial

Serzea contacted Off The Planet TV to produce their first television commercial, they have a range of Body Foundation products for different coloured skin.

The original idea was a spoof comedy spot with the product being able to help disguise a female on a blind date, this would of been a difficult commercial to clear via Adway,   but after script changes, the decision  was made to make a testimonial style advert.

The advert was filmed in a Plymouth studio on an infinity cove, with women who have used this product and they where interviewed and asked a number of questions about the products so that we could get real life answers and not scripted answers.

I lit the studio with a number of Keno Flo’s and recorded the sound directly to the camera
The footage was taken back to OTP HQ for editing and post production work, finally send to the broadcasters for playout.

The finished commercial is airing on a number of digital TV channel across the UK
Watch on you tube

A low cost advert, but high quality to stand beside national TV campaigns

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