Floods Devon Channel 4 and ITN News

Over the Christmas period the UK had bad weather which resulted in flooding some of the worse effected areas was Devon and Cornwall,
I had an early morning  call from the news desk at ITN, (who makes the news programmes for Channel 4 and ITV) on Saturday 19th December 2012, I quickly jumped in to the van and I was off….

At this time it was early and the stories had just broken… so it was a bit hit and miss to where I would be going to to film, after several calls to the news desk the worse effected areas seemed to be in Cornwall and I was doing a bit of research my self and with the use of a few contacts, Facebook and Twitter I found out that Braunton in North Devon was quite bad, but not as bad as I found when I arrived as the first news crew on site…. my research had paid off.

I was able to get a few interviews with some visitors who had been traveling all night to get to their relations for the festivities… also contacts where made for interviews later on for residents who had been stranded or washed out…

I was able to hitch a ride with a volunteer who was using his own pick up van to move sandbags to some of the worse effected houses and businesses

The footage and interviews that I filmed was used on 19th Dec 2012 for channel 4 News and ITV News (national and local)

Braunton Floods 19th December 2012

In Braunton the clean-up operation has started after about 30 homes and 20 businesses were flooded on Saturday by more than a metre of water.