Serzea TV Commercial

Serzea contacted Off The Planet TV to produce their first television commercial, they have a range of Body Foundation products for different coloured skin.

The original idea was a spoof comedy spot with the product being able to help disguise a female on a blind date, this would of been a difficult commercial to clear via Adway,   but after script changes, the decision  was made to make a testimonial style advert.

The advert was filmed in a Plymouth studio on an infinity cove, with women who have used this product and they where interviewed and asked a number of questions about the products so that we could get real life answers and not scripted answers.

I lit the studio with a number of Keno Flo’s and recorded the sound directly to the camera
The footage was taken back to OTP HQ for editing and post production work, finally send to the broadcasters for playout.

The finished commercial is airing on a number of digital TV channel across the UK
Watch on you tube

A low cost advert, but high quality to stand beside national TV campaigns