Dan Rose – Freelance Cameraman Full Kit List


Canon XF305 – Full HD Camcorder BBC Approved
Canon XF100 – Full HD palm sized Camcorder BBC Approved idea as a cut-a-way or second camera with the XF305
Sony HDW750 – HD – Full HD Camcorder, recording on HDCam tapes
Sony DSR570 – DVCam 16.9 and 4.3, Canon 19x Broadcast lens
Sony HVR-Z1 – HDV, DVCam, DV  Camcorder
Canon 550D – Stills and Full HD camera with a selection of lenes
GoPro Hero HD – Action packed small camera recording to SD Card, window and clamp fittings,
Charger, Soft case, Portabrace camera jacket, Charger and Batteries (IDX & Sony)
Matte Box / Sunshade,

Monitors – Sony HD LMD-9050 HD SDI – SD SDI – RGB/Component – Portabrace cover , JVC TM 1010 –10″ production monitor (16.9 and 4.3 switchable) – Portabrace cover. (16×9)Widescreen 7″ TFT screen

Lighting – Kinoflo 4 bank diva light (56k) 3x 650w Red Heads, 1x 1000w flood, 2x Arri 650’s with barn doors and scrims, 1x daylight MHL, LED DMX controlled par cans and blocks Gels and Trace, Stands and low Legs. Reflectors – large white with stand, hand held gold/sliver/white. Various 12v lighting for exterior shoots, Chomakey Sheeting – blue screen and stands

Tripod – legs Libec Pro tripod Fluid head, Spreader.

Field Player/Recorder Sony DSR 11 – DVCam/DV in and out. DRS45p DV in/out – SDI in/out – Component in/out – Composite in/out.
Sound – Sound Devices Mixpre 2 Channel Mixer, Filmtec LSP4 – 4 channel mixer, 3x Sennheiser radio lapel mics, Sennheiser hand held reporters radio mic, Sennheiser MKH 416, Rycote basket/Windshield, Sennheiser K6 (spare) 10’ Boom pole, 7’ boom pole, Pistol grips, Directors fold back, + leads etc.Micron Radio mics, Audio Ltd 2000 Radio mic.
Grips  – 14 foot crane (cobra crane II plus) supports cameras up to 25 pounds. Glidecam Steadicam type. Wally Dolly 12 meters (39 foot) of track,
Power –  4.5KVA generator – 240v/110v outputs, plus leads, various batteries and power sources (when mains is not available.)

Other – Comfortable office facilities – FTPing of rushes and edit, Edit suite (on line and off line editing, monitors, large screen, various input and outputting machines. (DVCam, DigiBeta, HD, Beta SP/SX,) DVD authoring.
Transport 4×4 Mitsubishi Delicia – Sat Nav – 7″ play back screens – 7 seats for crew built in wifi, edit suit on board.

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