Devon South West Cameraman Channel 4 News

Following the terrible news of a murder can be horrible, but part of a cameraman’s job!
Channel Four News which is provided by ITN contacted me to follow up the hero Ingred  Loyau-Kennett who lives in Helson Cornwall, follwing the murder of the Woolwich soldier.

It was a quick jump in the van and off to Cornwall to find out what her neighbours thought of this brave woman who stepped in and talked to the Murders, some called her brave and a hero and other people had a different view of her…
I was armed with a small amount of information and was sent to get some SOPs (series of Pictures) and Vox pops and sound bites from people that lived near her and worked with her…

The footage was then encoded at The Cornwall channels HQ in St Austell and uploaded via FTP to ITN’s main news server, ready for the News at 7pm on Channel Four.

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